Coragem de ser feliz

During my early stay in University of Minnesota, I have had a change to meet wonderfully different people in terms of their interests, colors, sexual orientations, opinions, world views, ideas, aspirations, hopes, and sorrows. These encounters have convinced me, more and more, that in human sciences at large (in arts, and humanities as well as in social and educational sciences) we need to bring people together to share views, ideas, to collaborate. We need to see our work as unfinished, in the making, towards liberation.

As Augusto Boal, founder of the Theatre of the Oppressed, writes referring to Freire: “My fellow creature resembles me, but she is not me; she is similar to me, I resemble her. By engaging in dialogue we learn, the two of us gain, teacher and pupil, since we are all pupils, and all teachers. I exist because they exist. To write on a white sheet of paper one needs a black pen; to write on a blackboard the chalk must be a different colour. For to be, they must be.” --- And one wonders: does one need an occasional space of retreat, inwardness, for learning?


At 26/10/05, Anonymous kaga said...

Yes I think that we all need an inward space for learning.

Virginia Woolf claimed that women need a room of their own to write and live independently.

I can also say that the quest inward is the private room of the individual---her or his shared space for inner growth and reflection. 'Shared' because we are reflecting on the outer world and allowing this reflection into our inner room.

However, such inward leanings cannot be confused with self-interest but rather with a collective interest as the inner world enters into the outer community for active struggle toward human liberation.

In this respect we can put Freire words into active play---we reflect in order to change the world through active practice in the community whether this community is in the school, in the workplace or in a publice space.


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