It's a long way from killing to democracy

Today the world’s press went nuts on Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's death by U.S. air strike. Rumsfeld hailed his death, and Bush, sharp as always, said that al-Zarqawi wouldn’t kill anymore. But when will our smirking chimp and his British ally stop murdering? Not in the near future, for “we” cannot rest in "our" war on terror. “We” cannot think that terrorists would rest. “We” need to know that they will continue to kill, and ”we” need to know that they are many. Thus ”we” need to be clear in our mission and let them know that our determination to defeat them is total. - We do live dubious, fascists times. And, if something, we the people need to know that we need to be afraid of our leaders who celebrate death, for from there it’s a long way to democracy, it’s a long way from home.


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