Cardenal's Case

Last monday on Augsburg College Father Fernando Cardenal gave a speak as part of the Convocation Series titled "Global Citizens/Local Citizens." He joined the Jesuit order in 1952, was ordained a Catholic priest in 1967, and has led a life of service in Nicaragua. Cardenal became one of four priests in the Sandinista government during the revolution, leading their National Literacy Campaign. In 1984, the Jesuits expelled Cardenal from their order because of his work within the revolution. Despite his expulsion, he continued to live in his Jesuit community and to live out his vows. In 1997, after reviewing Cardenal’s case, the superior general reinstated him to the Jesuits, based on the fact that Cardenal’s actions were a clear example of conscientious objection. It is the only case in over 460 years of Jesuit history in which a priest expelled from the Jesuit’s was reinstated. Cardenal’s commitment and dedication to the poor continues. Today Cardenal is the director of Fé y Alegría (Faith and Happiness), a Jesuit project that teaches very poor children in Latin America.

Read here about the political conditions in Nicargua where he, among other revolutionaries for justice, has worked for decades: haw.yachana.org/resources/torture/grossman.html


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