¡Venceremos! Social Justive won in Finnish Presidential Elections 2006

Left-wing Presidential candidate and current President of Finland Mrs. Tarja Halonen renewed her Presidency in the Finnish Presidential Election held in Sunday 28th 2006. She got 51,8 percent of the votes against right-winger, National Coalition and Centre Party’s candidate Mr. Sauli Niinistö who got 48,2 percent of the votes.

In her victory speech for the supporters, right after the election, President Halonen stated that the election were essentially about core political values in Finland. According to President Halonen there are four issues, which won in the Presidential Elections. Firstly, no one is left behind in the Finnish society, secondly, democracy won in the elections. Thirdly, she pointed out that people wanted to further social justice, and supported her overall emphasis on global justice. “The whole world in the heart,” she said, and sent her “¡Venceremos!” to Chile’s recently elected first woman President Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria.


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