Local Journalist Genius, or the Beauty of the Post Mortem World

I have to admit that I admire the genius of some the journalists in my local newspaper Aamulehti in Finnish, and Morning news in our Nokialand's second (almost) official language. Perhaps it could be renamed as Morning Star, for the brightness of some of its professional writers. If only for the sake of Mr. Kari Huoviala whose writings inspire me - even as I sit here in NYC's Bryant Park -, and who's always wise words tend to glue into my memory, who knows, maybe for good. This time he educates the regional public by telling us Northern gentle folks that President Bush has creted 3,5 million new jobs in the US, and asks ironically, how cannot we European have such a stupid President? Unfortunately he forgets to tell us more details about the quality of these created jobs, or are they really created by Mr. Bush and his efforts?

Besides that I would like to know, how come we Europeans are not blessed with a President, who seems to know so well what's right and wrong, and then is strong enough to make the necessary military moves? But maybe this annoying state of events will be improved sooner than we think as we Europeans are gathering our "fast action troops" for global crises. Then we the civilized European audience can have another doze of daily prime time military soap. Then I say "thank you" to our wise leaders, as our dear little friend Theron, although I know his parents have another opinion (and rightly so!).

And what it comes to the US politics I know that there is continually growing dissident voice in the country (US) that thinks and speaks against Bushian economic, military, educational and work policy but these voices are rarely heard in Europe, not to mention its remote Northern periphery entitled Nokialand, or Mörköland. One of clear-headed speakers and writers in the US is journalist Barbara Ehrenreich whose latest book Bait and Switch will be soon translated in Finnish by publisher Vastapaino, Counter Weight in our second tongue.

What can I say? I guess you can love your country, truth and humanity one at a time, lightly, contextually, what ever fills your current political, financial or any other purposes and moods. That's the beauty of postmodern, post mortem world.