Useful Sources

Useful source for a critical mind is Journal for Critical Educational Policy Studies and the other one is Capital & Class.

And do not forget Tauno Saarela's paper "Oppressed worker versus communist hero".


A New Book on Critical Pedagogy

There's a new title on critical pedagogy coming soon.

Critical Pedagogy: Where Are We Now
by Peter McLaren and Joe Kincheloe will be out in AERA 2007 in Chicago.

Book's cover.

Authors include many well-known and not-yet-so-known scholars.


Paulo Freire in Finland

Jan. 16 2007 –– Paulo Freire Center–Finland was founded today. It is not much yet, but it is a start and before all: we're in good company.


Bad to the Bone: US among worst places for children

This shouldn't become as surprise: Hungary, Britain and the United States are the worst places in the industrialized world for children to live, according to a report by the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef).

Child well-being is at its highest in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. There is no strong or consistent relationship between per capita GDP and child well-being. The Czech Republic, for example, achieves a higher overall rank for child well-being than several much wealthier European countries including France and Austria.

The six dimensions were taken to measure the well- being of children – material well-being, health and safety, education, peer and family relationships, behaviours and risks, and young people’s own subjective sense of well-being.

Read more & download the report from http://www.unicef.org/media/media_38299.html


No Pain, No Gain: Vera de Milo's Way

I cannot but believe in Vera de Milo's (played by my great favorite actor Jim Carey) new progressive body & fit program. It's so amazing! It's a truly revolutionary no-nonsense total body workout after which you can tear a telephone book in half with your bare two inches long fingernails. Seeing is believing, so please watch it here.