The choice between barbarism or socialism

"In traveling down the path of capitalist development, we have discovered, much to our alarm, that often it is the very political regimes that describe themselves as 'free market democracies' that have become unremittingly resistant to self-criticism. The struggle to build a world free from exploitation is a daunting one, and requires that we take path less traveled, that take us in directions less familiar, and toward destinations less certain. We make the path to freedom as we walk down it. And we remake ourselves in the process. Today, as in previous times when history has placed us at the dangerous crossroads, we face the ultimate choice between barbarism or socialism." - Peter McLaren, Professor of Education at UCLA


At 8/11/06, Anonymous Jarno said...

En tiedä voittiko kumpikaan, mutta Yhdysvallat tullee kokemaan lähitulevaisuudessa itsensä kestävämmällä pohjalla - kiitos äänestäjien.

At 6/1/07, Blogger zola said...

For those with a poetic bent ( and PMc certainly would be included in such a variable rainbow) the poetry of Robert Frost springs to mind.

The big difference is, i suggest, that robert frost can handle NATURE which is, as always, a thorn in the flesh of any social theory or discourse.
Thanks Juha for the site.


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