By any means necessary

I wish I could agree with T. V. Reed's premise in his book The Art of Protest (2005) "that those forces labeled cultural may at times have a deeper and more widespread impact on most of our lives than political or economic forces." But maybe various forms of culture can advance social protest and political change alongside with other means. Picture by Eric Drooker www.Drooker.com


At 6/1/06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you read Reed's book carefully you see that he agrees. He does not argue for the greater importance of culture, merely its importance along with political economy, electoral change, etc. In fact, in the very sentence you quote, Reed says only "at times" it may have a greater impact. His examples, like the fact that feminism has even effected the lives of women who politically oppose it are generally quite convincing. He is arguing only against reductive sociologists who can only measure change with numbers.


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