Give Me a Revolution!

"I should just like to formulate this: the main problem, as I see it, is how human energy is channelled and used by every given society for its own purposes, and how in turn the human needs thus produced have an influence on social development; sometimes a revolutionary one but very often a reactionary one, because the character structure as it has been formed in the past by tradition, culture, teaching, family, etc., changes more slowly than the socioeconomic factors. Indeed, the slowness of the historical processes is to a large extent to be explained by the fact of this lag, that is to say, by the fact that man psychologically lives several generations behind the new economic and technical possibilities. If that were not so, the birth of a new society would not be as painful and difficult as it is." -- From Erich Fromm's letter to the Soviet philosopher Vladimir Dobrenkov in 1969 at http://www.marxists.org/archive/fromm/works/1969/human.htm#ref01


At 21/2/06, Anonymous Jarno Ristaniemi said...

You sure can formulate the same question in many different ways. Different questions in the same frame. However, "wise words I read", as Obi-Wan would say.

I will soon contact you in terms of our interview for Radio Verso. Finnish broadcasting company YLE contacted me and made an interviewed about our little Verso project... today. I'm going to be on Finnish channel 1 on this Thursday. Yahoo! – ? Why did the revolution start from Lapland? ;)


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