Critical Pedagogy for Free

Now you can download a book on critical pedagogy entitled "Critical Theory and Critical Pedagogy Today" (2005) (edited by Ilan Gur-Ze'ev) for free by typing its title Critical Theory and Critical Pedagogy Today to Google, and you'll have it as pdf.

From the book's backcover:

For the first time ever, the leading figures in today's critical education join forces. The collection offers a project in which the leading figures in critical education meet young academics who dialogically relate to each other’s work and critically reflect on their own contribution to Critical Theory and Critical Pedagogy. In its nineteen chapters this book reconstructs the history of Critical Theory and Critical Pedagogy and presents various and conflicting responses to the possibility of a present-day counter-education. This collection offers a milestone and a new beginning in the relations between alternative (modern and postmodern) critical theories and critical pedagogies.


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