A Short Film on Smash Asem in Helsinki

Now you can have a look on Smash Asem demonstration in Helsinki, Finland, a demonstration which never actually happened because of the Finnish police's actions. A short film is filmed by Mr. Jere Leskinen, a student of journalism at Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia. Jere Leskinen says that You tube is perfect for social issues and it never occurred to him to offer the film to other media. See the film from here or go to You tube and find it under the name "omniholic".

In the end of the film there is a man in front of the police chain with his cell phone. He is Paavo Arhinmäki, a representative of Helsinki City Council and member of Finnish Left Alliance. There was accusation against him that he pushed the police and provoked them to arrest him, but as the film testifies such provocation did not happen.


At 19/11/06, Blogger zola said...

Nice info Juha - not sure where Mr J Depp and his pirates came in on this reply but maybe they pay you for that.

have enjoyed yer musings and I might even get around to making a comment - or at least tell me matey boys about this good site.

best wishes from zolainkspots

At 21/11/06, Blogger Tere said...

The video is amazing! Proves the point that it was the *police* who performed a demonstration.

At 9/1/07, Blogger zola said...

Tere and Juha : Performing a demonstration. A spec-tickle ? Wow !

Seen better --- could do worse.
Been better will be worse.


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