“Thou shall not lie, thou shall not murder”

In their polished and fine-tuned rhetoric the right wing spokesmen in Finland and perhaps elsewhere never answer the essential question concerning the relationship between the wealth produced by millions and millions of “laboring hands”, and the profits made by thousands and thousands of Executives, major share holders, and stockbrokers. Or, when asked the simplest question, where does the money go, they answer: "Of course, to finance the much too expensive and ineffective welfare structures (social security, education, pensions, health care etc.). And if you argue that “Oh no, that is not true, it goes to global corporations and international hustlers,” they use the “grandma argument”: “Don’t you know that those ‘big bad’ multinational organizations are owned by grannies living in the U.S. You want no hard for the elderly, do you?” They sort of seem to forget that a granny from Miami, Florida, might have her small share of funds in some corporation through her savings for the bad times, but who by no means belongs to the class of the super rich owning the world. So, how to reply to these demagogues who play their superficially manufactured “global competition demands that we need to cut workers'benefits and the public sector” -language games in the capitalist sandbox? What is your answer? “Thou shall not lie?” “Thou shall not murder?”


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